The economic and social effects of the albanian war (1940-1941) on Greece and the problem of war financing

Θανάσης Καλαφάτης


The research on economic relations during the Albanian war has not proceeded systematically.
This paper examines the economic activities during this period. At first, we mention certain
principles and directions of a war economy. In continuation, we analyze the influence of the
Albanian war on the Greek economy, specifically on agriculture and industry, and the economic
and social consequences of the practice which the August 4th regime followed in order to
finance the war expenses. Finally, the efforts of the Regime to reduce social inequalities is
evaluated. This study demonstrates the impact of the economic developments of a certain period
on the social evolution during the following period and the interplay between economic
concurrence, economic theory and practice.


Economic aspects; Economic policy; Social conditions; Albania

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