Determinants of greek commercial banks, 1989-2000

Εμμανουήλ Μαματζάκης, Παναγιώτης Ρεμούνδος


This paper attempts to examine the determinants of the performance of Greek commercial
banks over the last decade. This is of interest because of the markedly changes in the structure
of the Greek banking system in the nineties. The Greek banking system is still going through a
transformation period so as to compete within a rapidly changing international economic environment
and to meet the new financial needs of the economy. In the empirical section, we measure
the profitability of the commercial banks using the ratios return on assets (ROA) and return
on equity (ROE). Our results provide weak evidence of the phenomenon of persistence in
profitability. We report that the deregulation of the market in the last decade and the process of
European integration with the introduction of the Euro have enhanced the competitiveness of
the banking sector. On the strong side of the evidence, the variables related to management decisions
are found to assert a major impact on the profitability of Greek commercial banks.


Banks and banking; Greece

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