Agricultural fundamentalism in Greece: an empirical analysis

Κώστας Βελέντζας, Στέλιος Δ. Κατρανίδης, Γρηγόρης Κόρδας


In the present paper an effort is being made to determine and study the factors that contribute
to the formation of attitudes in Greek society on an important issue such as the necessity and
the type of state intervention in the agricultural sector. Another aspect that is examined is to
what extent these views differ among various social groups. For the purposes of the present
study, we analysed answers given by a sample of 711 individuals and we examined the significance
that the social and personal characteristics of the respondents have, in shaping up their
views on state intervention in the Greek agricultural sector. According to the research results,
state intervention in the agricultural sector enjoys greater support by people with a farming occupation
or with relatives actively involved in farming, as well as by younger persons. On the
other hand, the degree of acquired information regarding the real economic importance of the
agricultural sector influences negatively the individuals' viewpoint towards state intervention in
the agricultural economy.


Agriculture; Greece; Economic aspects

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