Enterprise resource planning (ERP): a virtual lab implementation for managers' and users' training

Αριστομένης Μακρής


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is the most important business technology up to date, incorporating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) with Business Ad-ministration best practices, aiming to give strategic advantages to the organization adopting it. But ERP systems are complex with consequence significant problems during ERP implementa-tions. To overcome those problems extensive training is necessary during their entire implemen-tation life cycle. Business Universities are already involved in the ERP training process address-ing students, citizens, managers and business employees, an extended audience that demands for a very flexible design of the ERP labs. This paper proposes a Virtual laboratory implementation for ERP training, an implementation that can be also utilized by all types of organizations in or-der to maximize ICTs integration and minimize computer systems investments.


ERP management advantages; ERP implementation problems; Business training; Training architectures JEL M00 (General)

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