On the true cost of living index

Θεόδωρος Γαμαλέτσος


The purpose of this paper is to present true cost of living indices derived from specific expenditure
systems, and specifically from the LES, GLES and DGLES systems. According to
Frisch [2] index numbers are classified into two categories: "statistical" and "functional". The
former are purely descriptive statistics without any direct theoretical underpinning, while the latter
are based on a formal theory and a precise theoretical interpretation. Here we present the
advantage of the true cost of living index compared to the Laspeyre (statistical) index. Going a
step further we show the advantage of using "dynamic" true cost of living index instead of using
a "static" one. Finally by using the DGLES model to construct a dynamic true cost of living index
we introduce habit formation hypothesis and changes in relative prices into these indices.


Living index; Expenditure Systems

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