OG Athens 2004: awareness, concern and the volunteerism contribution, major factors for participation to the volunteer program

Μαγδαληνή Τσακίρη, Θεόδωρος Οικονόμου, Διονυσία Μπακάλη


The survey reveals that there is a dependency between the intent to participate in the
Volunteer Program and Awareness, Concern, and volunteerism contribution to the success. It
was further revealed that the respondents believe that the success of the OG is the most
important influential factor in their intent to participate, concern regarding the success of the
OG was indicated as less important, while awareness was shown to be the least important factor.
Ôhe respondents’ participation as Volunteers on others occasions besides the OG, seems to not
be a factor of influence in their intent to participate in the VP.


Olympics; Voluntarism

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