The advertising creations network : implications to society and organizations

Νίνα Ε. Παζαρζή


This article investigates television-advertising production in the context of the systemic thinking.
Advertising rhetoric is based on shared codes that are used by particular professional networks
of the «urban elites». New technologies, new cinematographic techniques, latest fads,
reformed postmodern arguments, etc are developed by «lead users» and subsequently are passed
along those networks. In this respect, particular innovative practices can gradually become a part
of the «advertising creativity networks» knowledge capital. My paper is based on current theoretical
and research trends of diverse disciplines such as sociology, business administration, systemic
theory and mass media studies. My objective is to affirm that studies on advertising practice,
social representations and cultural production can be redefined in an interdisciplinary sphere by
the systemic theory and the social networks theory support.


Αdvertising; Intellectual capital

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