Regional hierarchies and the location of hi tech MNEs : the case of the pharmaceutical industry in the UK

Κωνσταντίνα Κοτταρίδη


In the “new age of capitalism”, regions are emerging as important catalysts for innovation
and production development. This paper investigates the location patterns of R&D-intensive
MNEs at the geographical micro-level. Analysis refers to the pharmaceutical industry and their
foreign activities established in British regions. We develop a hierarchy of UK regions both on
a technological and skills basis but also on a broader basis covering the overall macroeconomic
environment. Results point towards a combination of corporate location strategies. This pattern
is consistent with MNEs’ commitment to access and tap into the specific technological assets
embedded in the local knowledge systems and at the same time exploit their corporate-specific
advantages in large markets.


Econometrics; Industrial structures; United Kingdom

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