Managers' perceptions of using of e-marketing in B2B relationships

Ειρήνη Σαμαντά, Π. Κυριαζόπουλος


Researchers agree that the use of the Internet is increasingly expanding in business-tobusiness
(B2B) relationships in order to improve effective communication, distribution, and
streamline processes with customers and stakeholders.
This study examines a sample of 30 firms operating in Greece and discusses the benefits
from B2B collaboration by using e-marketing. The method used for the quantitative analysis is
the factor analysis and ordinal symmetric measures; Kendall’s tau-b was used. The findings show
that six factors emerged from the fieldwork showing the positive managers’ perceptions for the
usefulness of this tool. Finally, a model can be developed in order to improve B2B relationships
via e-marketing.


Management; Business management; Internet; Marketing; E-business

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