Tourists’ Selection Criteria and Motivation. Does Nationality Matter?

Angelos Pantouvakis, Christos Patsiouras


Purpose - The aim of this study is to investigate the most important criteria that prompted
tourists to visit a destination. In the present paper we will attempt to examine the factors
affecting tourists to select a destination, the factors motivating tourists to select a destination
and if nationality as a parameter affects the choice of the destination by the tourists regarding
the features and the benefits of the destination and as well as the motivations of the tourists.
Design/methodology/approach – An empirical study was carried out using a sample of 165
tourists of three nationalities. Data was collected from tourists through personal interviews
with the use of a structured questionnaire and was analyzed with the use of Exploratory
Factor Analysis, ANOVA and cross tabulations.

JEL Classification: M310, Z3, Z130


Destination, selection criteria, tourism marketing

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