Determination of the national regional organisation using road transport data

Κωσταντίνος Σ. Ρόκος, Γεώργιος Λ. Αργυράκος


The lack of an organised planning infrastructure (National Data Bank, National
Land Registry, etc.) is a major problem in elaborating and exercising a coherent
regional policy. The first Origin/Destination Survey for Road Transport
conducted recently by the Ministry of Public Works (1980/81) permits the systematic
search of the regional organisation of the national territory.
The flow of goods through out the national territory being the over - all result
of the spatial structure of the production in our country, permits an objective/
systematic determination of its regional organisation. The main conclusions—
after the determination of the existing, today, regional organisation—is that this
structure has been strongly differentiated from the traditional organisation into
the national geographic regions. Being strongly stable and imbalanced it necessitates
a restructuring based on a coherent and realistic regional policy.


Greece; Organisation of transport; Regional policy

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