An Insight into Ship Recycling: Facts and Figures

Metin Taylan


Ship recycling is an important sector which interests many engineering disciplines such as naval architecture, environmental, metallurgical etc. Ship recycling, on the other hand, raises a lot of concerns since it is directly related to human safety and health and environmental pollution. There have been strict rules and regulations issued by the international authorities such as IMO, ILO and the others. This paper deals with the current status of ship recycling in Turkey and all over the world in terms of statistics, rules and regulations, immediate and long term impact on the environment and shipbuilding industry. An elaborate statistical analysis has been carried out by considering various aspects. A comparative study which would offer valuable information to shipbuilders, environmental agencies, national and international authorities was also undertaken.
JEL Classifications: J8; L5; Q2.
Keywords: Ship recycling; Scrap metal; Hong-Kong Convention; Asbestos.

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