Distributed lags in greek beef productions

Βασίλειος Κ. Καλαιτζής


Greece enters the EEC as its tenth member. Greece' s future prospects for beef
production seem to be good.
Greek consumers will still continue to increase their consumption of beef since the
domestic (Greek) consumption level of beef (and veal) was 16.9 kg per year, as by
1972, while that of the EEC-9 was 24.3 kg per year in the same year. But EEC is
still in deficit as far as beef production is concerned. Hence, Greek policy following
EEC's CAP should have to look at the supply response of her own national herd and
have to know the resulting consequences of price changes in beef, milk and/or feed
grain. Thus, from this point of view the paper gives some valuable insides to the
decision-maker both in Athens and/or in Brussels.


Conversion to beef production; Economy; Greece

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