Top 25 Journal Articles by Total Abstract Views (Past 12 months) IDEAS/RePEc Ranking

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The following articles have had the most Total Abstract Views through the IDEAS/RePEc Ranking Base, during the last 12 months (Paper-Authors-Abstract Views):
1 Similarities and Differences between Households’ and SME’s Financial Knowledge and Behaviour: A Greek Survey
Marinos Stefanitsis, Irene Fafaliou and Joseph Hassid - 371
2 Effect of Financial Leverage on Performance of the Firms: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
Zahoor Hussain Javed, Huma Huma Rao, Bader Akram and Muhammad Fayyaz Nazir - 245
3 Human Resource Managers’ Role in the Digital Era
Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri - 190
4 Lean-Against-the-Wind Monetary Policy: The Post-Crisis Shift in the Literature
Ioanna Kokores - 188
5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Shipping Marketing and Safety Orientation: The Case of Greek Tanker Shipping Companies
Evi Plomaritou and Katerina Konsta - 187
6 EEDI Assessment of Recently Built Tankers in Turkey
Eda Turan and Yasin Ust - 180
Adebayo Augustine Kutu and Harold Ngalawa - 166
8 The Impact of Basel III Indexes of Leverage and Liquidity CRDIV/CRR on Bank Performance: Evidence from Greek Banks
Maria Psillaki and Georgoulea Eleftheria - 164
9 Working time, satisfaction and work life balance: A European perspective
Stephan Humpert - 160
10 Measuring Post-Merger and Acquisition Performance of Corporations in the Maritime Transport Sector
Dionysios Polemis and Thanasis Karlis - 159
11 The Effect of Maritime Security Regime (ISPS Code) on World Supply of Seafarers
Alexandros M. Goulielmos, Agisilaos Anastasakos and Androniki Gatzoli - 145
12 Financial Crisis & Passenger Shipping: Evidence from Greece
Evangelos Sambracos and Marina Maniati - 138
13 Non-Performing Loans and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Dynamic Analysis
Akinola Ezekiel Morakinyo and Mabutho Sibanda - 137
14 The Effect of R&D Expenses on Earnings and Market Value
Georgia Pazarzi and John Sorros - 135
15 Determinants of Firm Profitability in Nigeria: Evidence from Dynamic Panel Models
Ibrahim Odusanya, Olumuyiwa Ganiyu Yinusa and Bamidele M. Ilo - 134
16 Investment Advising: Pay-to-Play, or Capture?
Apostolos Xanthopoulos - 133
17 Financial Crisis, Organizational Behavior and Organizational Silence in the Public Sector: A Case Study for Greece
Paraskevi Boufounou and Kallirroi Avdi - 126
18 Air and sea transport: Competition strategies under normal and economic crisis environments
Konstantinos Rigas, Evangelos Sambracos or Samprakos and Androniki Gatzoli - 125
19 Ship demolition activity. An evaluation of the effect of currency exchange rates on ship scrap values
Thanasis Karlis, Dionysios Polemis and Anastasios Georgakis - 122
20 Global Economic Growth and Environmental Change
Wei-Bin Zhang -112
20 Competition and Efficiency in EU Banking
Emmanuel Tsiritakis - 112
22 Efficiency Analysis of Lloyd’s Syndicates: A Comparison of DEA and SFA Approaches
Milton Nektarios, Panos Xenos, George Nektarios, Kostas Poulakis and Michalis Chouzouris - 110
23 European Monetary Union and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows
Pantelis Pantelidis, Dimitrios Kyrkilis and Efthymios Nikolopoulos -108
24 Mispricing Explanations of Closed-End Funds: A Survey Review
Stylianos X. Koufadakis -98
25 A Critical Review of Insurance Claims Management: A Study of Selected Insurance Companies in Nigeria
Tajudeen Olalekan Yusuf, Sunday Stephen Ajemunigbohun and Gbenga Noah Alli - 98