Supply chain strategy and outsourcing the case of the greek pharmaceutical sector

Γιώργος Μαλινδρέτος, Σωκράτης Ι. Μοσχούρης


Scope – to support the introduction and effective implementation of modern supply chain
strategy (SCS) in the Greek pharmaceutical sector.
Research methodology – A threefold analysis in combination: first, an integrated analysis
aiming at contribution to the methodology issue by an interdisciplinary research framework;
second, clearing-up the role of SCS in building-up a performing supply chain network; third,
an empirical study of the Greek pharmaceutical sector using mixed research methodology, with
special attention to logistics outsourcing (3PL).
Main findings – An attempt to contribute in the yet unsettled research methodology which
has particular importance for the pharmaceutical sector dominated by SMEs; identification of
possibilities of collective action to succeed; sustainable competitive advantage in a designed stepwise
Future study – Specific future research suggestions expected to support the sustainability of
Greek pharmaceutical companies.


Supply; Outsourcing

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