A multi-dynamic generalized expenditure system of the demand for consumer goods

Θεόδωρος Γαμαλέτσος


The dynamic form of the GLES model, the DGLES model, has been presented by the author
at the International Econometic Society European Meeting in 1979 and is published in the
Proceedings of the Econometric Society European Meeting 1979 (Selected Econometric Papers
in Memory of Stefan Valavanis) by North-Holland, chapter 17 pp. 379-389.
In this article I will present a more dynamic form of the DGLES model which I call Multi-
Dynamic Generalized Linear Expenditure System, in short MDGLES model, in which will not
destroy the basic (classical) properties of the previous GLES and DGLES models. For better
understanding of the presentation of the MDGLES model I will first present the DGLES upon
which is based the MDGLES model.


Econometric models; Expenditure

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