The future of management training and development in the F.R.G. and in Great Britain

Χαράλαμπος Κ. Κανελλόπουλος


In the course of a multinational research programme on the management development methods used in industry, interviews were held with top represent¬atives of institutes which offer management seminars and courses for business exe¬cutives. The research was carried out in Berlin (the biggest industrial city in West Germany) and London (the major industrial area in Great Britain). The institutes to be interviewed were selected on the basis of information supplied by personnel managers in industry as to the management institutes which were most used by their companies' managers. Accordingly, the survey covered the five leading ma-nagement institutes in Berlin plus a sixth in West Germany, which was widely used by Berlin managers, and eight of the best known and most important institutes in the London area. In the following pages the author presents a collation of the answers received from all the institutes covered by the survey in both countries, giving their predictions regarding the trends to be expected in management training and development in general and in management training through institutes.


Management; Training; Executives

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